Gossia acmenoides (MYRTACEAE); Scrub ironwood

Leaves, flower, fruit
Trunk and foliage

Leaves, flower, fruit

Gossia acmenoides, leaves, flower, fruit. Graham Stephens 2002
(Prev. known as Austromyrtus acmenoides)

Small-medium tree to 18m north from the Illawarra region, Sth NSW to Gladstone, Central QLD in subtropical and riverine (but mostly dry) rainforest.

Bark brown/green, shedding in patches; terminal buds silky.

Leaves are oval to elliptical quickly tapering to a pointed or rounded tip, simple, opposite, blade moderately glossy above, translucent, venation distinct, oil dots visible with naked eye. Leaves do not stick to fingers when crushed (unlike G. bidwilli).

Fruit is a black, globular berry to 6mm in diameter. Ripe February-June.

Perfect for a small garden, it has a dense form and glossy foliage. A hardy plant.

(Prev. known as Austromyrtus acmenoides)

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Gossia acmenoides - trunk & foliage - Graham Stephens  2002
Austromyrtus acmenoides - trunk & foliage - Graham Stephens 2002
Edible, ripe fruit is sweet to taste. Fruit is eaten by birds. The timber is very dense and hard.

Propagate from fresh seed. Cuttings are difficult to strike.