BRAIN meeting 19 Aug 2009, 98 Yoorala St The Gap

Present: Paul Taylor, Jan McNicol, Karen Webster, Ian Hislop, Anne Jone, Rob Whyte, Russell Harisson, Marina Novak, Anna Harisson. We welcomed a new face to the meeting in Ian Hislop. Apologies: Shealagh Walker, David Somerville, Natalie, Paul May.

Workshops Report:

Three workshops have now taken place with excellent attendances. The workshops have been practical and enjoyable. Workshop 4 this Sunday 23 August at Moggill Creek Catchment Environment Centre.

BRAIN Fungi Workshopó13 June 2009
BRAIN Propagation Workshopó19 July 2009

Camping Trip to Girraween:

Not strictly rainforest but botanical rich so BRAIN is off to Girraween for a camping trip on the weekend of 3-4 October.

Email me if you're interested in coming along.

Reveg/Rescue Sites:

It was agreed that we would get back into some planting and rescue works. Three sites were proposedóBanks St Reserve, Yoorala St (adjacent to SOWNy Club) and a site out at 17 Mile Rocks. All were accepted as project areas. It was agreed that Marina would talk with Peter Hayes about organising some activities at Banks St and Yoorala St. The 17 Mile Rocks site has a group who are active already and we will attend one of their regular sessions to help out. Dates to follow.

Potting Up Day:

Instead of a potting up day, it was suggested we have a seed-collecting excursion as the SOWN nursery are short of seed to propagate. Marina to consult with Peter Hayes about a suitable time and location for a seed-collecting treasure hunt.

Excursion to Samsonvale Private Property:

Willi Reinicke lives in Samsonvale on 3 acres with about 1000 sq m of rainforest and a creek when it runs. He would like to learn more about what he has growing. He's 69 years old and retired. It was agreed we would organise an excursion to help with identification and advice. Rob to organise?

Ian noted that there were many private landholdings that were part of the Land for Wildlife scheme that contained rainforest remnants. Ian suggested that there was scope for a network of some kind where information on these properties and the species contained was shared. Many properties have had species mapping already done. These properties provide seed collection opportunities as well. Ian was an environment officer with BCC and instrumental in setting up the Land for Wildlife program in SEQ.

Have a look at this newsletter for more information on the LFW program

Long-stem Planting Video:

Techno-wiz Rob set up the laptop and projector for us to view a segment from last week's Gardening Australia program. This technique involves planting 2 year old plants quite deeply in their holesóagainst conventional wisdom and horticultural practice.

Have a look yourself and see what you think

General Business:

Grant applications around work on the online database and a workshops program for next year were discussed. It was suggested that the workshop program next year could be condensed into one action-packed weekend. Marina is exploring the possibility that this could also be a residential program. Catchy names for the 'summit' are welcome.


Marina's cupcakes were handed round by her faithful assistant, Anna, and enjoyed by all.