September 1999

The Australian Bush-turkey loses favour with Urban Cultivators
The Australian Brush-turkey (scrub turkey, brush-turkey, wild turkey) Alectura lathami is a large indigenous megapode which inhabits rainforest,... More>>

Wildlife Worries Wondrously Weakened
Like most people preparing to clear a weedy area for revegetation, we at the Jindalee Bushcare Group were initially concerned about what would happen... More>>

Banksia spinulosa Varieties
When you are trying to identify a plant from a small piece of foliage, and are struggling to fit your specimen into some botanical scheme, take... More>>

The vegetation and flora of Brisbane Forest Park - Part 5
This issue firstly sees Peter Young talking about the method used to survey the vegetation of BFP More>>

Butterflies and their host plants
At a recent meeting, Frank Jordan ( from the Butterfly and Other Invertebrates Club) spoke about butterfly food plants. He supplied a handout giving... More>>

More of my favourite Plants
It would seern that the prediction I made in BRAIN 13 has come true- another article, featuring all the species of a local rainforest plant genus. More>>

South East Queensland Regional Forests Agreement
Supplied by the Australian Rainforests Conservation Society A Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) for South-East Queensland will shortly be decided. A... More>>

Mt. Mee State forest species
In November 1998, a group of BRAINiacs visited the Mt Mee State forest to view the coachwoods (Ceratopetalum apetalum) there. The following is a... More>>