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Rainforest Rescue Orangutan Adventure Treks
You are invited on an amazing fundraising trek through the jungles of Sumatra. Visit the Bukit Lawang Orangutan Viewing Centre and Rainforest... More>>

Krista Bernard

Ride for the Rainforest 2011 Sri Lanka Cycle Challenge
Ride for the Rainforest is your opportunity to join Krista Bernard, World Cyclist and Australian Geographic’s Young Adventurer of the Year 2000 on an... More>>

BRAIN meeting 19 Aug 2009, 98 Yoorala St The Gap
Present: Paul Taylor, Jan McNicol, Karen Webster, Ian Hislop, Anne Jone, Rob Whyte, Russell Harisson, Marina Novak, Anna Harisson. We welcomed a new... More>>


BRAIN Fungi Workshop—13 June 2009
We were unsure how many people would be interested in fungi as we thought it was a specialist area. We had 15 people book and this seemed an ideal... More>>

BRAIN Propagation Workshop—19 July 2009
On Sunday 18 July, the third BRAIN workshop for 2009 was presented on the Propagation of Local Rainforest Plants. The event was held at the SOWNy... More>>

Brisbane Street Tree Trials Program updated 2004 More>>

Rainforest Climbing Plants
Here is a list of genera for the key in "The Green Book" (Rainforest Climbing Plants) provided to BRAIN by co-author Bill McDonald. The asterisk... More>>

Meeting at the BRAINy Club
On Saturday, 15 December 2007 we had the BRAIN Christmas party at the SOWNy club, also now known as the BRAINy Club, Yoorala St, The Gap. We walked... More>>

Bill McDonald

BRAIN talk by Red Book co-author Bill McDonald
At Banks Street Reserve last Sunday 13 May, Bill McDonald — one of the authors of the celebrated "Red Book" (Rainforest Trees and Shrubs) —... More>>


Corchorus cunninghamii recovery
Recommended Recovery Actions for Corchorus cunninghamii and the Rainforest Ecotone in South-east Queensland Updated 9 November 2002 This report... More>>


From our archives
In Spring '97 ATCV help BRAIN to clear lantana in Brisbane Forest Park (behind Enoggera Dam). The picture above shows planting in foreground... More>>