Pavetta australiensis (RUBIACEAE); Pavetta, butterfly bush

Butterfly Bush
Pavetta australiensis - flower & foliage - Kenneth McClymont 2002
Large shrub to 4m in dry and subtropical rainforests in NSW and QLD, usually in the understorey.

Leaves simple and opposite, oblanceolate to narrowly elliptical, to 13cm; triangular stipules present on the stem between pairs of leaves. Blade dark green, soft and thin, while the midrib and lateral veins, being lighter in colour, are clearly visible on both sides of the leaf.

Flowers white, fragrant and in large heads from October-November.

Fruit a black globular berry up to 6mm in diameter, ripe February-March.

Propagate from fresh seed and cuttings.

Highly ornamental when in flower, moderately fast growing and quite hardy. Butterflies are attracted to the flowers.

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Butterfly Bush
Pavetta australiensis - foliage & fruit - Graham Stephens 2002