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Melicope elleryana (RUTACEAE); Pink euodia, pink evodia, pink doughwood, pink corkwood



Melicope elleryana - foliage- Derek Boddington 2003
(Prev. known as Euodia elleryana)

Large shrub or small tree to about 25m with whitish bark found growing in moist rainforest north from about the Clarence River, NSW to NEQ. Also occurring in NT.

Leaves compound, opposite, 3-foliate. Leaflets large soft, green on both surfaces, hairless or with fine sparse hairs, elliptic or ovate-elliptic, 7-18cm long x 3.5-7cm wide, shortly tapered to a drawn out point; base cuneate, or sometimes asymetric, narrowing to a short petiolule; oil dots numerous, small, obvious, (but lens needed). Petiolules 2-8mm long, the terminal stalk somewhat longer than the laterals, deeply channelled above. Petioles 3-6cm long.

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Melicope elleryana
Melicope elleryana - foliage & flowers- Derek Boddington 1999
Flowers showy, pink, numerous, in compact lateral panicles towards the base of the leafy shoots. Fruit a small capsule with 2-4 almost separate lobes.

It can be grown from cutting or seed. Although seedlings grow fast, and can flower after three years, germination is very sporadic and can take up to one year.

In cultivation, it needs well-drained soils, responds to fertilisers and watering during dry periods, tolerates mild to moderate frosts but appreciates protection from winds. The flowers are particularly attractive to butterflies and in NEQ it is frequently planted to attract the magnificient Ulysses Butterfly whose lavae feed on the leaves. (RBG Sydney).