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BRAIN talk by Red Book co-author Bill McDonald

At Banks Street Reserve last Sunday 13 May, Bill McDonald — one of the authors of the celebrated "Red Book" (Rainforest Trees and Shrubs) — entertained BRAIN members with anecdotes about the book's long history and some of the adventures involved in gathering material along the way.

There was also a glimpse of the companion volume, the soon to be released Rainforest Vines, which features on the cover a rarely seen flower of a native curcubit climber (Trichosanthes subvelutina — Silky Cucumber).

Bill signed copies of the red book and offered previews of the vines draft for those with a special interest in our rainforest climbing plants.

Bill McDonald
Bill (seated, right) with BRAIN Members

In more good news Bill spoke of the forthcoming interactive identification key on CD ROM being produced by Nan and Hugh Nicholson. Most members would be familiar with Hugh's beautiful photos in the Rainforest Plants series. In the new CD, each plant will be illustrated with up to 12 photos.

We also learned that the Queensland Herbarium's online flora project has a name - Qflora, and considerable progress has been made in importing descriptions and images for Queensland which will put a lot more information about Queensland plants out there in the public domain.

Australian Rainforest Plants, in the forest and in the garden - by Nan and Hugh Nicholson
The Red Book - information, ordering