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Plants to be identified

Identification please

This gallery contains images at various stages of identification. The question marks (?) have been removed for plants confirmed by Derek, Klaus and Kenneth. Dave confirmed several of these independently.

Click here if you can identify these plants - Even if it's just one, fire away!

Alectryon connatus, subdentatus? (SAPINDACEAE); Hard alectryon
Caesia parviflora Liliaceae?
Chrysocephalem apiculatum (ASTERACEAE)?
Chrysophyllum oliviforme (SAPOTACEA) Satinleaf
Glycine microphylla ? Glycine tabacina?
Legnephora moorei? Piper novae-hollandae?
Pyrrosia rupestris (Rock Felt Fern)?
Rapanea variabilis () Muttonwood or R. howittiana
Sarcomelicope simplicifolia? Or Acronychia laevis?