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Butterflies and their host plants

At a recent meeting, Frank Jordan ( from the Butterfly and Other Invertebrates Club) spoke about butterfly food plants. He supplied a handout giving lists of plants and the butterflies which use them. Part of the information - that pertaining to riverine areas and flood plains - is reproduced below.
The full list, and other information about butterflies and their host plants, is available from the Butterfly and Other Invertebrates Club. (Pres. Helen Schwenke ph 3844-6677; Sec. Georgina John ph 3349-1967)

Large Trees:

Ficus coronata, F. fraseri, F.opposita are hosts for the Common moonbeam;
Flame tree (Brachychiton acerifolius) is host for Pencilled blue, Common aeroplane, and Tailed emperor;
Flindersia australis and other Flindersia species are hosts for the Orchard Swallowtail;
Pigeonberry ash (Cryptocarya erythroxylon) is host for the Blue triangle;
Scolopia braunii is host for the Australian rustic;
Cryptocarya microneura is host for Macleay's swallowtail;
Black bean (Castanospermum australe) is host for the Pencilled blue
Native elm (Aphananthe philippinensis) is host for the Common aeroplane.

Understorey Trees and Shrubs:

Wilkea macrophylla, W. huegliana are hosts for the
regent skipper;
Native caper (Capparis arborea)is host for the Caper white, Common pearl white, and Australian gull;
Cassia brewsteri is host for the Lemon migrant;
Drypetes australasica (now D. deplanchii) is host for the Common albatross;
Tulipwood (Harpullia pendula) is host for the Cornelian;
Native finger lime (Microcitrus australasica) is host for the Orchard, Dingy and Capaneus swallowtails;
Pomaderris lanigera is host for the Yellow spot jewel; Trema aspera is host for the Speckled lineblue;
Native mulberry (Pipturis argenteus) is host for the White nymph and Speckled line blue;
Cassia retusa is host for the Yellow migrant;
Thorny yellow wood (Zanthoxylum brachyacanthum) is host for the Orchard swallowtail and Capaneus swallowtail.

Low growing and ground cover Plants

Oplismenus species, grasses, are host for the Wonder brown;
Macrozamia miquelli is host for the Onycha blue;
Love flower (Pseuderanthenum variabile) is host for the Australian leafwing, Common eggfly and others;
Red-fruited saw edge (Gahnia sieberiana) is host for the Swordgrass brown, and three skippers -
Hesperilla donnysa, H. ornata, and Large dingy skipper;
Gahnia clarkei is host for the Swordgrass brown and Hesperilla picta;
Stinging nettle(Urtica incisa) is host for the Australian admiral;
Bursaria spinosa is host for the Dull copper and Bright copper;
Dianella caerulea is host for the Large dingy skipper. Lomandra longifolia is host for Eliena skipper, Iacchus skipper, Rare white spot skipper, Common white spot skipper and Symmomus skipper;
Brunoniella spiciflora is host for the Blue-banded eggfly.

Updated 31 May 2002