Brisbane Rainforest Action & Information Network

September 1997

Articles also in the newsletter (but not online) included:

Chasing a bush cuisine
BRAIN activity at Brisbane Forest Park

Morning glory - Ipomoea spp
In this issue we continue with our series of articles on exotic vines that impact on rainforest remnants around Brisbane. Another of the widespread... More>>

The Thinking Bush Regenerator
(From an article by Judie Rawling in the Urban Bushland Management newsletter March '96. This article refers to bush regeneration undertaken in... More>>

Samsonvale - A history of the Samsonvale District
Andrew James Gold was born in 1890 to Henry and Janet Gold, pioneers in the Samsonvale District. He lived and worked as a farmer in the district for... More>>

Dispersal of rainforest seeds by frugivorous birds
Frugivory is a mutualism - an activity that benefits the two organisms concerned. In this case plants get their seeds dispersed and the birds get a... More>>

Pharmaceutical properties of some south-east Queensland rainforest plants
Dr. Merv Hegarty has 40 years experience as a plant chemist with CSIRO in tropical crops and pastures, advising on the toxicology of plants. Dr. More>>