Brisbane Rainforest Action & Information Network

December 1996

Articles also in the newsletter (but not online) included:

A little bit about Brisbane Forest Park
Our forgotten forests ... endangered species on the brink
Chasing a bush cuisine

South East Queensland vine forest project
At our October meeting we were joined by Bruce Boyes who talked to us about this interesting project. Five years ago DPI herbarium approached the... More>>

Mickey mouse plant (Ochna serrulata)
Digressing from the series on introduced vines I feel the need to address Ochna serrulata (Ochna or Mickey mouse plant), which has to be one of the... More>>

Extract of James Backhouses' 1836 diary
In March and April 1836, the Quaker missionaries James Backhouse and George Washington Walker visited the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement. The diary... More>>