Brisbane Rainforest Action & Information Network

January 1996

Seed collecting workshop - Downfall Creek Bushland Centre
This very enjoyable Sunday session was run by Greening Australia's Project Officers Jim Johnston and Geoff Borschmann and Community Education Officer... More>>

Exploring Oxley Creek, November 18
Exploration took place on a grey, humid day that gave a genuine sweaty rainforest atmosphere to the trip. Ken had obtained permission for us to have... More>>

Rainforest Books
Rainforests of Australia. L. Meier & P. Figgis. Ure Smith. 1989. Hardback. Separate chapters cover the different rainforest types; location, forest... More>>

Trip to Smith's Scrub November 11, 1995
Brookfield was first settled by timber cutters in the early 185O's with private settlement beginning in the 1860's. The area now known as Smith's... More>>

Butterflies recorded by Richard Zietek at Smith's Scrub
It was a good day for butterflies, sunny but not too hot with some occasional cloud. It was my first trip with the BRAIN group, but not my first trip... More>>

Austromyrtus gonoclada (now Gossia) Angle-stemmed myrtle
In this issue of the newsletter we are featuring Austromyrtus gonoclada as the plant in profile. It naturally occurs as a small tree in riverine... More>>

Natural regeneration of rainforests of the Brisbane region
Natural regeneration processes of the dry rainforest communities typical of the Brisbane region have not been studied in the same depth as those of... More>>