Brisbane Rainforest Action & Information Network

October 1995

Brisbane Rainforest - a bit about history, distribution, status, classification...
From The future of Brisbane's Bushland - a Discussion Paper prepared for BCC by Environment Science and Services, February 1989 Reports by... More>>

Weeds - Madeira Vine
In BRAIN newsletter 1 we featured an article about Lantana, explaining how it affected rainforest communities and how it could be eradicated. In this... More>>

Excursion to Scientific Area 2 Enoggera State Forest
The August 5 excursion to Scientific Area 2 in the Enoggera State Forest proved very interesting for both the rainforest novices and experts alike. More>>

Lacebark Tree
This medium to large (30m) deciduous tree has a botanical name derived from the Greek 'brachys' - short and 'chiton' - coat of mail, relating to the... More>>