Brisbane Rainforest Action & Information Network

August 1995

What is Brain?
Brisbane Rainforest Action & Information Network (BRAIN) is a recently established Brisbane City Council sponsored Bushcare group. The focus of the... More>>

The weeds that most threaten our rainforests are the exotic trees, vines, shrubs and dense groundcovers that have the ability to halt or reverse the... More>>

Most people are aware that Lantana camara commonly known as Lantana is an environmental weed. It smothers small trees and shrubs and can climb and... More>>

.... And the BRAIN regenerates!!!
B.R.A.I.N.'s first activity was a very successful planting at Child's Scrub, Nudgee on May 6. The turnout was great, with twenty people coming along... More>>

Mega planting at Nosworthy Park, Corinda
Saturday 3 June saw fifty pairs of hands busily working in Nosworthy Park to plant, stake and water an amazing 1200 trees!! Local residents, members... More>>

Bat's-wing coral tree
The bat shaped leaflets and the light coloured cork-like bark give rise to the popular names for this tree. The botanical names are derived from the... More>>