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Abrophyllum ornans (ROUSSEACEAE); Native hydrangea

Abrophyllum ornans foliage and fruit - Graham Stephens  2002
Abrophyllum ornans foliage and fruit - Graham Stephens 2002
Large shrub or small tree to 8 m, found in subtropical rainforest and moist gullies bordering rainforest, from the Illawarra region of NSW to McIlwraith Ra in Nth Qld. Grows in warm-temperate rainforest in NSW, especially along smaller watercourses or in gullies on poorer soils.

Branchlets green and slender, with scattered hairs; similar to Cuttsia viburnea but without lenticels (breathing pores). Young shoots hairy.

Leaves simple, alternate, with irregularly toothed margins, each tooth bearing a small, blunt projection; mostly large, to 20cm in length, oblanceolate to obovate or elliptic. Blade soft and green, glossy, narrowed at the base and drawn out to a fine point at the tip; hairless above and with fine scattered hairs below. Main lateral veins thick and indented above, raised and fleshy below.

Flowers small, greenish-yellow, slightly fragrant, borne in short panicles. Appear Oct to Dec.

Fruit a purple/black berry about 5 mm in diameter. Ripe March to Oct.

Propagate from fresh seed or cuttings.

Has been used as an ornamental, mainly for its large shiny leaves and showy fruit. Grow in filtered sun, well-composted soil.